The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame describes two-time inductee Neil Young as “one of rock and roll’s all time greatest songwriters and performers … a cult hero, a chart-topping rock star, and all things in-between.” He describes his career as “a bumpy ride.” We call it “Hurricane,” a song he wrote in the back of his car in 1975.

Pick a style, and Neil Young has done it: pop, folk, country, blues, rockabilly, garage-rock, and even grunge. Acoustic guitar, electric, harmonica, banjo, solo, and in concert with Buffalo Springfield; Crosby, Stills & Nash; and Crazy Horse.

Ted Riser, an accomplished songwriter and solo performer himself, embodies the perfect tribute to this legendary artist. Hurricane has the look, the sound, the feel, the unvarnished emotion and the raw, expressive guitar mastery of Neil Young. And, backed up by some of the finest individual talents in the music business, Hurricane delivers a whirlwind experience.

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