Long Hard Ride

The “Carolina Cowboys” exploded onto the national music scene in the early 1970’s with a uniquely distinctive mix of rock, country, rhythm and blues, bluegrass, and gospel, all of which magically blended to help cement “Southern rock” as a popular and successful musical genre. “Long Hard Ride,” with a special guest performance by Charlie Daniels, was the band’s first music video and helped establish the “Wild West” flavor of some of their best music.

 The lilting flute playing of Jerry Eubanks, notably in the unforgettable “Can’t You See,” is impeccably re-born in Ted Riser’s “Long Hard Ride” performance. So are the fast-paced, hard-driving sounds of lead, rhythm and bass guitars that set Toy and Tommy Caldwell and George McCorkle apart from other artists. It’s the same gritty honesty that sets this Marshall Tucker tribute apart from every other band.

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