Whipping Post

Every Allman Brothers song is a classic in its own right, but none is as powerful, emotional, and haunting as “Whipping Post,” especially the way it was performed at the Fillmore East in New York City in 1971. What better tribute than to name this part of the rocking triple-header “Whipping Post”?

 It was, as one national music critic wrote, “what the band would become famous for: an endless climb of heightening drama staked out by the twin-guitar exorcisms of Duane and Dickey Betts and the cool, measured, almost jazz-like response of the rhythm section.”

Ted Riser and his “Whipping Post” musical artists have perfectly captured all of the Allman’s emotional currents, from the anguished wailings and shuddering climax of this trademark song to the caressing softness and soul of “Sweet Melissa.” And they’ve done it time and again for appreciative audiences all across the country.

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