About TED

Born in Athens Ohio, singer, songwriter and entertainer Ted Riser has created his own unique style of performing from years of playing multiple instruments. Influenced by his father playing harmonica and mother playing piano, he has combined his talent and ability into one of the country’s most exciting and energetic one-man band shows. Playing 5 instruments at once with the dynamic and rhythmic grooves on tambourine, kick and snare drums, hand percussion on guitar, and the bluesy ripping of harmonica licks, along with his masterful guitar work, topped with a powerful wide ranged voice. With this, Ted has captured and wowed audiences from Key West to Sturgis S.D., from Outerbanks N.C. to L.A. California. Growing up from playing Rock, Southern Rock, Country, Bluegrass, and Blues, he has developed an original one-man band sound from his influences. Singing, dancing, and acting at an early age of 6, paved the way for the current multitalented performer that he has become. One of the most amazing and eye-catching experiences is to witness him performing live. Better known as “The Music Man”, be ready for his upcoming 2019 release and music video “Don’t leave your beer in the sun”. Catch his tour dates at tedriser.com plus videos, music, info, merchandise.