Fri3 MayCounty Line in Brecksville7:00-10:00
Sun5 MayLouie Run Motorcycle Rally at the Painesville Fairgrounds3:00-5:00
Sun5 MayAt Witz End in Willoughby 7:00-10:00
Thu9 May LaLa's in Portage Lakes6:00-9:00
Fri10 May  Castaways River Tiki Bar7:00-10:00
Sun12 MayBenny Vino Urban Winery2:00-5:00
Fri17 MayBurntwood Tavern - Cuyahoga Falls4:00-8:00
Fri17 MayBeerhead in The Flats9:00-12:00
Sat18 MayWhiskey Island  1:00-5:00
Sat18 May Chagrin Tavern (Band)7:00-11:00
Sun19 May Castaways River Tiki Bar5:00-8:00
Tue21 May The Basement in Sagamore Hills6:00-9:00
Thu23 MayMr. Lee's in Perry - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri24 May West Bay on Kelley's Island5:00-9:00
Sat25 MayJeffco Campground 7:00-11:00
Sun26 MayPrivate Party2:00-5:00
Mon27 MayCastaways River Tiki Bar 11:00-2:00
Mon27 MayPrivate Party 3:30-6:30
Tue28 MayMargaritaville in Sandusky3:00-7:00
Wed29 MayThe Casino on Kelley's Island1:00-5:00
Wed29 MayThe Barrel House in Sandusky 7:30-11:30
Thu30 MayCastaways - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri31 MayNor'Easter Yacht Club7:00-10:00
Sat1 JunDusty's in Portage Lakes7:00-10:00
Sun2 JunBeerhead in The Flats4:00-7:00
Tue4 JunThe Basement in Sagamore Hills6:00-9:00
Wed5 JunWhiskey Island6:00-10:00
Thu6 JunCastaways - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri7 JunCastaways River Tiki Bar   7:00-10:00
Sun9 JunBenny Vino Urban Winery 2:00-5:00
Tue11 JunUpper Deck in Portage Lakes 6:00-9:00
Thu13 Jun Castaways - Bike Night 6:00-9:00
Fri14 Jun West Bay on Kelley's Island5:00-9:00
Fri14 JunNelson Ledges Classic Fest11:15-1:30 a.m.
Sat15 Jun West Bay on Kelley's Island3:00-7:00
Sat15 Jun The Casino on Kelley's Island  8:00-12:00
Sun16 Jun Castaways River Tiki Bar 5:00-8:00
Tue18 JunThe Basement in Sagamore Hills 6:00-9:00
Wed19 JunZeppe's Tavern in Newbury-Bike Night6:00-10:00
Thu20 JunCastaways - Bike Night 6:00-9:00
Fri21 JunPerry AmVets  6:00-9:00   
Sat22 JunVincent William Winery in Madison2:00-5:00
Sat22 Jun528 Tavern in Madison7:00-10:00
Sun23 Jun528 Tavern in Madison3:00-6:00
Wed26 JunLongo's Pizza in Mentor6:00-9:00
Thu27 JunMr. Lee's in Perry - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri28 JunBaci Winery in Madison 7:00-10:00
Sat29 Jun Chagrin Tavern (Band) 7:00-11:00
Sun30 Jun Beerhead in The Flats4:00-7:00
Tue2 JulThe Basement in Sagamore Hills6:00-9:00
Thu4 JulCastaways River Tiki Bar 6:00-9:00
Fri5 JulBoondocks in Lakeside Marblehead 7:00-10:00
Sat6 JulPrivate Parties3:00-7:00  &  8:00-10:00
Sun7 JulDriftwood Point Beach Bar in Geneva5:00-8:00
Thu11 JulCastaways - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri12 Jul Fairport Harbor Yacht Club7:00-10:00
Sat13 JulPrivate Party2:00-5:00
Sat13 JulSpringwood Campground8:00-11:00
Sun14 JulBenny Vino Urban Winery2:00-5:00
Tue16 Jul Private Party6:00-9:00
Wed17 JulChesterland Gazebo7:00-9:00
Thu18 JulCastaways - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri19 Jul West Bay on Kelley's Island5:00-9:00
Sat20 Jul West Bay on Kelley's Island2:00-6:00
Sat20 Jul The Casino on Kelley's Island7:00-11:00
Sun21 Jul Castaways River Tiki Bar5:00-8:00
Tue23 JulThe Basement in Sagamore Hills 6:00-9:00
Thu25 JulMr. Lee's in Perry - Bike Night 6:00-9:00
Fri26 JulGideon Owen Winery in Catawba 7:00-10:00
Sat27 Jul Country Fest at Geauga Fairgrounds 2:00-3:00
Sun28 JulSmedley's12:00-4:00
Sun28 JulBeerhead in The Flats4:30-7:30
Wed31 JulLongo's Pizza in Mentor6:00-9:00
Thu1 AugCastaways - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri2 AugNor'Easter Yacht Club7:00-10:00
Sat3 AugPrivate Party3:00-6:00
Sun4 AugBeerhead in The Flats4:00-7:00
Tue6 AugThe Basement in Sagamore Hills6:00-9:00
Wed7 AugWhiskey Island6:00-10:00
Thu8 Aug Castaways - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri9 Aug Castaways River Tiki Bar7:00-10:00
Sat10 AugDusty's in Portage Lakes7:00-10:00
Sun11 Aug Nor'Easter Yacht Club1:00-4:00
Wed14 AugZeppe's Tavern in Newbury-Bike Night6:00-10:00
Thu15 AugThe Feast in Little Italy1:00-4:00
Thu15 AugCastaways - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri16 AugBenny Vino Urban Winery7:00-10:00
Sat17 AugPrivate Party
Sun18 AugSol in Willoughby 12:00-3:00
Tue20 AugThe Basement in Sagamore Hills6:00-9:00
Thu22 AugMr. Lee's in Perry - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri23 AugWest Bay on Kelley's Island5:00-9:00
Sat24 AugWest Bay on Kelley's Island1:00-5:00
Sat24 AugThe Casino on Kelley's Island6:00-10:00
Sun25 AugBeerhead in The Flats4:00-7:00
Tue27 AugUpper Deck in Portage Lakes6:00-9:00
Thu29 AugCastaways - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri30 AugBoondocks in Lakeside Marblehead7:00-10:00
Sat31 AugWest Bay on Kelley's Island 1:00-5:00
Sat31 AugThe Casino on Kelley's Island6:00-10:00
Sun 1 SepPrivate Parties1:00-4:00 and 7:00-9:00
Mon2 SepCastaways River Tiki Bar5:00-8:00
Tue3 SepThe Basement in Sagamore Hills6:00-9:00
Thu5 SepCastaways - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri6 SepPrivate Party7:00-11:00
Sat7 SepSpirits in Willoughby7:00-10:00
Sun8 SepBenny Vino Urban Winery2:00-5:00
Thu12 SepCastaways - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri13 SepCastaways River Tiki Bar7:00-10:00
Sat14 SepSpringwood Campground 8:00-11:00
Sun15 SepDusty's in Portage Lakes3:00-6:00
Tue17 SepThe Basement in Sagamore Hills6:00-9:00
Thu19 SepCastaways - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri20 SepBaci Winery in Madison7:00-10:00
Sat21 SepPrivate Party
Sun22 SepCastaways River Tiki Bar5:00-8:00
Thu26 SepCastaways - Bike Night6:00-9:00
Fri27 SepBeerhead in The Flats9:00-12:00
Sat28 SepWhiskey Island7:00-11:00
Sun29 Sep Cavotta's Garden Center - Patio Bar3:00-6:00